Biography from Rev. Sandhi Scott

1983:Ordained by the Rev. Dr. Terry Cole Whittaker at The La Jolla Church of Religious Science
  1. Senior Minister of United Spirit Church of Religious Science, a ministry dedicated to serving people who were HIV+, PAWs, their families, spouses, friends, pets, clergy, and medical staff.
  2. Hospice Chaplain at The Carl Bean Healthcare Center for People of Color with AIDS. Founding Chaplain of the AIDS wards in Century City and Sherman Oaks Hospitals.
1992–1996:Program Director at The San Diego AIDS Healthcare Center-facilitated support groups and trained people to work with people in the end stage of life, specifically PWAs, and all who were supporting them.
1996–1998:Senior Minister at the Desert Valley Church of Religious Science in El Centro, California. Hospice Chaplain to local hospitals.
1998–2001:Associate Minister with Marianne Williamson at The Church of Today in Detroit, Michigan: Served as Director of Spiritual Support Services, facilitated racial reconciliation groups, taught Positive Thinking at a methadone clinic and Scott State Correctional Institute in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
2001–2002:Red Cross Chaplain in post 9/11 New York. Facilitated Grief and Loss Groups, and trained a team to assist people moving back into their evacuated homes.
2002–2003:Taught classes and workshops at the Seaside Church of Religious Science
2003–2007:Senior Minister of The Mastery In Life Center in Las Cruces. Established The Howling Coyote Coffeehouse, Mesilla Valley Jazz Society, 12 Step Meetings and the Rainbow Rising GBLT group holding their gatherings at the center.
2007–present time:Director of OASIS: Well of Wisdom centers in Las Cruces and El Paso.
Currently teach classes at The Doña Ana Community College, and Community of Hope Present Forums, Classes and Workshops at OASIS Centers in Las Cruces and El Paso. Teach Affirmative Living Class at Substance Abuse Recovery Centers.
Books by Sandhi Scott:The Bedside Manual, for People in the End Stage of Life and All Who Serve and Visit Them. 1992, self-published.
The Nun’s Ring, Memoir of a Deathbed Debutante. sold for publication, currently in final edit.
Rev. Sandhi