“The purpose of the Universe is for the expression of Life”
—Ernest Holmes

Life = Energy is a custom program for individuals committed to expressing life fully and freely, on the high frequency of co-creative manifestation. Individually designed programs include some or all of the following options:

SPIRITUAL MIND TREATMENT: This is one, or more, one hour sessions, ending with a five part spoken treatment that activates the Law of Attraction in the recipient’s life.

THE LIFE LINE: this is a three session experience of reviewing and embracing the past, year by year and/or decade by decade. The past is observed, released and forgiven. Any repetition of patterns is observed, and empowering choices can then be made to for high frequency living.

BREATH RELEASE: This is a 7 session series of guided breathing for the purpose of releasing held energy, freeing the participant to make empowering choices for ultimate living. The breath sessions are designed to release any blocked energy in the areas of birth, death, health, wealth, happiness, loving relationships, and a sense of fulfillment in Life.

DAILY AFFIRMATIONS ~ empowering phrases of Truth are sent daily by email ~

for example:

“Who I am, as the I AM, is greater than the temporary conditions on my path”

For further information and appointments:

Sandhi Scott ~ 575 405 9597